Anna Berkeley

Summer sorting

June 5, 2013


Short sleeve tops and tees


Sarongs and summer prints


Coloured skirts and trousers


Capsule outfits for the week.

It’s time. I have released all my summer clothes from their vacuum packs and satisfyingly packed away all the winter ones. I usually do this process at the end of April but with the inclement weather it’s later this year.  Anyway, the sun is shining so let’s leave it at that.

I clean, fold and vacuum pack all my winter items and store them under my bed. The summer pieces are ready to press and hang. It is an arduous task, but it helps me sort the wheat from the chaff when considering whether I like something enough to iron it! The packs keep the moths out and I place lavender bags in there too, just in case. Be sure that everything is bone dry though as any moisture will cause that awful musty smell and ruin everything in the pack.

I use the John Lewis or Holding Company bags. You do need to keep an eye on them and vacuum out the air if they reinflate, but it’s a small price to pay for a wonderful space saving solution.

Give it a go.

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