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A whiter shade of pale

April 28, 2014

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Apologies – this previously went live without being finished or checked….

Double denim is always a good look in my book. I opted for a bleached out denim shirt with dark vintage wash jeans. I think this is one of the easier ways to try it out. A denim jacket and jeans can often go wrong but a shirt is more relaxed. There are denim shirts in almost every store so you must get one this season. The best are in Gap or J Crew. Being of a chilly disposition I couldn’t make it outside without a warm top to cover up with. There is something inherently comforting in this boucle/bobble knit and the many tones of winter whites, pearl grey and cloudy grey make it even more textural when up close. Plus, it just makes you feel as if you are being given a lovely cuddle. For jeans it’s worth taking a look at brands like Lee, they offer good shapes at much more reasonable prices than the designer market and you know you are still getting a solid product. These were around £100.

Cardigan from American Vintage (, Denim shirt from H&M (, jeans from Lee (, Necklace homemade.



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