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May 16, 2014

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I recently spotted a  jersey striped skirt on pinterest worn with a simple black sweatshirt. The image was of a girl biking in the city and the whole picture screamed ‘ effortless chic’. Something my clients are endlessly pursuing. I didn’t have a sweat that worked well so I had to improvise. I fiddled with the proportions, wearing the skirt high, and adding a layer to break up my torso. The whole thing is pleasingly comfortable and just dressed down enough for the school run. I apologise if some of you become dazzled by the glare from my sun-starved legs, arms, face ……….

Skirt from Chinti and Parker (, tee shirt (just seen) from J Crew (, silk jumper by Margaret Howell (, boots from Office ( and necklaces from a sample sale.


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