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I can see clearly now

January 25, 2015

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The Holding Company




Pre- Christmas I decided my jewellery needed some attention. I am forever urging clients to make sure they can always see everything in their wardrobes, including accessories and jewellery. If you can’t see it, you won’t use it. I repeatedly asked for jewellery for birthdays and Christmas from the age of about 5 and my fascination with it shows no sign of abating. I have so many trinkets amassed over the years, through sample sales, from trips abroad, gifts and a couple of really special pieces I saved up for. I spotted these 3 (£17.95) and 5 drawer (£24.95) acrylic storage units in Muji one day (pictured above) and was smitten. They are quite pricey, but you would never need to replace them. The Holding Company also have a couple of good acrylic options which are deeper – on sale right now at £19.96 In the 3 drawer unit are necklaces from Topshop, Cos, By Malene Birger, Grace Girvan and a Prada bag accessory. In the 5 drawer unit are bangles, necklaces and earrings from Day Birger et Mikkelson, Stella and Dot, &Other Stories and Dannij0. These units can be used anywhere in the home. As brilliant for separating out jewellery as they are for desk accessories or cosmetics. I keep mine in fitted wardrobes on a shelf. My longer necklaces reside on the back of my bedroom door on a row of hooks and the smaller, more delicate items in the Muji drawers. Very precious items I keep in their boxes or in velvet pouches. The Holding Company also have a couple of good acrylic options – on sale right now . Spend a couple of hours organising your own stash one weekend. You won’t regret it.






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