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Outfits to fall for on Valentines Day

Ah, Valentine's Day. Love it or hate it, there is no getting away from it. If you're heading out to an intimate dinner, just going for a drink or having a "galentines" celebration with your girlfriends, let's look at some outfits that will serve you well, no matter what.
First, can I urge you to check that you haven't forgotten some killer dress, suit, top or pair of shoes that's been languishing in your wardrobe? If you can't see it, you won't wear it, so roll up your sleeves and have a rummage. If you don't unearth anything special, then here are a few suggestions.....

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Financial Times

What to wear to the office when it’s too hot to wear anything

I live in New York, where temperatures are regularly above 29C — and the subway gets much hotter. How can I beat the heat and still look appropriately dressed in the office?

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Financial Times

What clothes are worth investing in?

As a new autumn season approaches, what are the clothes worth investing more money in? And where I can save?

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Financial Times

Sunglasses — how to find your fit

I need some new sunglasses and the last few I’ve bought haven’t looked quite right. Can you give me some
pointers so I know I’m on the right track?

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Financial Times

How to look memorable

I am fed up of people I have met several times saying “nice to meet you” — is there a way to look more memorable?

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Financial Times

How to get the right texture mix

I need some new sunglasses and the last few I’ve bought haven’t looked quite right. Can you give me What kind of textures go well together? For example does linen go well with silk, does cotton go well with more canvas textures, etc?

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Financial Times

A guide to dressing festively

Please can you tell me where to find festive outfits that feel elegant and not like a Christmas decoration? Also, I have an actual office party, so a pointer or two on that would be gratefully received!

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Financial Times

How do I find a jacket that suits my shape?

Is there a jacket that suits all women? I’m struggling to find one for myself — I have a full bust and a tummy, by the way.

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Financial Times

Shoes for summer events

I’ve just come back from my first outdoor summer event of the year, and my mules sunk into the grass. What should I wear instead? Please don’t say espadrilles.

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Financial Times

How to look classic — but not staid

I like to dress in a relatively classic style but am worried I end up looking staid and old fashioned. Have you any tips?

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Financial Times

How to match tops to trousers with flair

Trousers come in a variety of shapes and lengths these days and the tops I wear with my skinny jeans don’t look as good with wide-leg trousers. Can you advise on the best tops to wear with different shapes of trousers?

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Financial Times

How to bring personality to a corporate wardrobe

I have a portfolio career but my roles require very different things. In one I am working in a corporate environment and in the other I am in the art world working alongside other creatives. How do I look appropriate for both? I am very creative naturally and don’t want to lose my sense of self in the corporate world.

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Financial Times

Do I have to go back into heels?

During the pandemic, I have almost entirely rid my wardrobe of heels. This has worked fine except for evening events and weddings: my suits and dresses — especially the midi dresses — look terrible. Do you have any recommendations?

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