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Anna Berkeley

Three days, three ways: Bobble, biker, bell bottom

March 19, 2015

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Cor blimey it’s cold today. Bang goes my plans to vacuum pack the winter woollies! This would be more rock chick with a fierce boot, but the trainers won out. A biker jacket is so versatile and there is a shape for everyone. It’s great on petites, long bodies (as it breaks up the length rather nicely), curvy shapes and athletic figures (no epaulettes for you though). I rather like the ribbed cuff sticking out of the sleeve here. Biker jackets have long represented rebellion and I have to admit I love the toughness instilled by wearing one. If you don’t have one, start searching now.

Jeans, trainers and bag as before, Bobble hat by Somerville scarves (, roll neck by MHL ( and biker by H&M (