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Anna Berkeley

Three days, three ways: Flower and Duster

April 14, 2015


The optic white top, shirt, sweatshirt or tee-shirt is a perennial classic with any jean – never more so than with a vintage wash in my book. See my pinterest board ‘Classic, yet modern’ for more ideas( As it’s daytime I added a simple white tee underneath so it’s infinitely more wearable.

We aren’t quite at the ‘no coat’ stage (more’s the pity) weather wise but a cotton duster is just right. (Topshop have 25 versions currently so there’s a wealth of choice in just one store!).

Top as before, necklace by Nocturne (, jeans by Mother (, shoes by Prada (, coat by MHL Margaret Howell (


Anna Berkeley

Three days, three ways: Wrap and roll

February 27, 2015


Outfit number three. I have mentioned this skirt before on the blog in relation to kilts. It isn’t really a kilt or a wrap, but a kind of hybrid of the two with all the detail removed. That’s why I like it. It’s stripped back so the shape stands alone. It’s the simplicity of it that still appeals (I reckon I have had this at least 12 years). It’s structured, yet soft, asymmetrical, yet classic. The fabric is a wool felt and has velcro fastenings. Asymmetrical shapes like this work best on straight up and down figures, like mine, but can be successful on some curvier shapes too.

Skirt from DKNY (, Socks by Falke (, shoes by Prada (, jumper as before.