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Anna Berkeley

Three days, three ways: Boiler alert!

March 11, 2015


This boiler suit from French work-wear brand Vetra is comfort personified. Although it does make visiting the bathroom a bit of a mission. For me, it needs some feminine additions to soften it. Add a heel, an obi belt, a bow perhaps, or some low key jewellery. Whatever says ‘womanly’ to you.

I have worn the red Cos knit underneath as you definitely can’t layer on top of it. Similarly, it works with any slim knit or jersey top and a shirt underneath looks particularly modern. Come summer it can stand alone with a pair of strappy sandals and a pendant.

Knit as before, boiler suit MHL (, shoes by LK Bennett ( and obi belt by Dries Van Noten (

Anna Berkeley

One ring to rule them all

January 29, 2015

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I first went mad for ‘big rings’ when I spotted a huge, carved silver ring on one of my aunts. I was fascinated by its sheer size, how it made such a statement and looked so tough. The obsession began with plastic rings, some of which I still wear, and graduated to resins and stones. I always hunt for a new ring if I visit a place I have never been before. It stands as a permanent reminder of that trip, whether it’s New York or Newquay. They have become part of my ‘look’ and I feel naked without them. They went unworn for a little while when my boys were still in nappies, taking them on and off constantly was a pain. Now I keep them all out, usually downstairs, so they can be the last thing I shove on before heading out in the morning.

Top – left to right – resin ring and hematite ring from Liberty (, onyx ring from Selfridges (

Middle – left resin ring from Dinosaur Designs ( and rock crystal ring bought at The Chelsea Craft Fair.

The ‘ ring rabbit ‘was a gift – you can buy them at