Anna Berkeley

Sort of a kilt

December 13, 2013

I can’t quite bring myself to wear an authentic looking kilt. I do concede that they can look amazing styled in the right way and one of my favourites was model Laura Bailey in this blue beauty last year. She often manages to be a step ahead of an emerging trend.


Mine is an altogether more subdued affair. Its from DKNY and I 031have had it for yonks and have had to redo the velcro twice. Nevertheless, it still gets pulled out for smart winter wear. Add a cream, pink, purple or black top, which needs to stay slim and neat so as not to spoil the line. Jaeger have a pared down kilt in black and colbalt this season. Topshop have an easy navy spliced skirt (below left) £50 and Zara has a great longer length in pale grey £69.99 (middle) and Jaeger also have this easy, pared down kilt in monochrome tweed £199.

Navy Spliced SkirtImage 1 of STUDIO MIDI SKIRT from Zara Linton Herringbone Skirt,Black,original

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